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Dog Bite

It seems like everyone here in Idaho has pets. While we hope that most people would train and protect against the event of a dog bite, we realize that it’s inevitable that it will occur occasionally.

Hold Them Accountable

If you’ve been bitten by a dog, you need to take it seriously. Not only did you sustain injuries that could have long-term consequences, but oftentimes the pet owner was negligent, which could have led to the incident in the first place. They are responsible for their pets’ actions and may be liable if you or your child was injured by a dog bite here in the Boise area.


dog bite

Idaho Dog Bite Law

There are no true dog bite statutes here in the state of Idaho, but there is what’s called a “Vicious Dog Statute”, which basically refers to any dog that will attack a person who isn’t trespassing, and needs to be on a chain or fenced in. There are many cities in Idaho with their own ordinances as they relate to dogs. Check your local animal laws for any information that could aid you in getting fairly compensated.

You Need a Dog Bite Attorney

We’re here for you. Getting attacked or bit by a dog can leave you physically and mentally scarred. We’ll take a look at your situation and make sure that you are treated fairly. Call Johnson and Lundgreen today to make an appointment.