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Pedestrian Accident

When you’re driving a car, you understand that there are inherent risks to doing so. However, just walking down the sidewalk or crossing the street doesn’t fall into any “risky” category. Being struck by a vehicle can cause extreme injury, even at low rates of speed. One thing is sure: you need to make sure that you heal correctly and obtain representation to compensate for the incident.



There are too many distracted and negligent drivers in America, and if this is the case for your injury, you need an experienced pedestrian accident attorney to look over your claims. Johnson and Lundgreen here in Meridian have handled hundreds of cases and can usually tell within minutes if you have an opportunity for compensation.

After an injury accident, there are a lot of things that inevitably are going through your mind. Let the honest attorneys at Johnson and Lundgreen walk you through the process of healing and making sure your case is handled properly. They don’t believe in a “one size fits all mentality” for their clients. In fact, they have handled cases in ways that are against their best interests in favor of their clients. This is who they are. Give them a call today at 208-376-5256.