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Why Do People Text and Drive?

Think about this for a second: would you ever purposefully endanger your life and the lives of others? For the majority of humans, the answer is obvious. Of course you wouldn’t purposefully endanger your life, let alone the lives of others. Here’s the deal though....

The Dangers of Texting While Driving (and Parenting)

BOISE and NAMPA, Idaho. According to the Centers for Disease Control, every day over 1,000 people are personally injured, and at least 8 people die due to distracted driving. Distracted driving has often been linked to the increased popularity of smart phones, apps,...

Legal Tips on Insurance Requirements

When you’re a rideshare driver, insurance coverage can be confusing. You may be wondering if you can use your regular car insurance policy, if Uber or Lyft will completely cover you, or if you might be liable in the case of an accident. Read on to find out everything...

Wet Weather Increases Risks of Personal Injury

In the Treasure Valley, the fall and winter months bring beautiful orange and red leaves and a host of fun winter activities like skiing or tubing at Bogus Basin. However, this time of year brings increased risks for wet and rainy road conditions, especially on busy...

Multi-Tasking While Driving Means More Risk

Driving is such a normal part of our day that we often forget just how much risk we undertake every time we turn the key and fire up the engine. We forget that 2.3 million people are injured every year from car accidents, some of which cause considerable physical...

Dash Cams in Australia

There is an undeniable benefit that comes from the use of video technology for all kinds of purposes. There are many car accidents that take place all over the world and Australia is definitely no stranger to these occurrences. The good thing is that you can easily...

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