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More Families Seek Wrongful Death Claims for Police Brutality

BOISE and NAMPA, Idaho. Earlier this month, the Chicago Tribune reported that the family of Sandra Bland, an African American woman who died in a Texas jail, will receive a $1.9 million settlement for her wrongful death. The family hopes that the settlement will...

What Happens To Your Body During a Crash?

BOISE and NAMPA, Idaho. If you’ve been in a car accident, your body is probably in one of the many stages of recovery. While every person’s experience of a car accident will be different based on life experience and the kind of accident that occurred, most people...

Three Hidden Auto Accident Injuries You Should Know About

BOISE and NAMPA, Idaho. Car accident injuries bring to mind scenes often seen in popular medical shows like Grey’s Anatomy: doctors rushing frantically in the ER to usher a car accident victim into surgery or frantic efforts to stop bleeding. While many car accident...

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