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Preventing Hot Car Deaths in Boise and Nampa, Idaho

With summer officially here, the days are warmer. With the warmer weather come unique dangers, particularly with regards to children being left in hot cars. According to CNN, three times more children have died in hot cars this year when compared to last year. While...

Boise, Idaho Car Accident Lawyer’s Tips for Car Crash Witnesses

Being a witness to a car accident can be incredibly traumatic and confusing. In the moments after a car accident, individuals may be hurt, may need help, and the wrecked cars themselves can sometimes pose a danger to good Samaritans wishing to help. Yet, when...

Idaho Car Accident Attorney’s Memorial Day Driving Tips

Memorial Day Weekend heralds the official beginning of the summer travel season. According to AAA, 34.8 million Americans will travel over Memorial Day Weekend. 89% of those who are travelling will do so by car. More people on the road over the weekend means an...

Personal Injury Law in Idaho: Protecting the Poor

Poor individuals in the U.S. face many barriers to justice. It has been well-documented that public defenders are often overworked and that the poor may not receive the representation that they deserve. The Nation recently reported on the underrepresentation of the...

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