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Pedestrian Accident

There are few things scarier than car accidents. We often remember them as if they occurred in slow motion. Trauma often occurs after the fact, and medical attention is sometimes necessary. What is also frightening is when there is an accident outside a motor vehicle, such as a pedestrian accident. Boise residents know that adverse weather conditions and the distracted driving are dangerous, albeit an all to common occurrence.

pedestrian accident boise


Hopefully this type of accident never happens, but if it does, you need support and knowledge to be on your side. The first thing to do after an accident like this is to treat any injuries and consult a medical professional. After an injury accident happens, insurance companies will (rightfully) want to act quickly, though sometimes not through the best means possible to help you. Call a Boise Personal Injury Attorney and make sure that you are taken care of fairly. If needed, schedule a time to meet with the attorneys and see if you have a case.

If you’ve been involved in a pedestrian accident here in the Boise area, you are entitled to receive just treatment.