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Motorcycle Accident

Motorcycle Accident Attorney- Boise, ID

Motorcycles can be convenient, exhilarating, and a fun hobby to have. However, they provide little safety features when involved in a collision. This is why if you’ve ever been in a motorcycle accident, your life changes dramatically. Injury due to an accident involving a motorcycle is oftentimes worse than those who are in cars due to the bodily exposure. Even accidents that happen at lower rates of speed can cause riders more than just scrapes and bruises. Broken bones, burns, and head injuries often ensue, even if the rider is wearing a helmet.

The main issue we see here in Idaho is that regular motorists don’t pay close enough attention to those on motorcycles. This is why Idaho started the “Look Twice” campaign to help motorists remember that they could be sharing the road with motorcycles at any given moment.

If you have been injured in a motorcycle accident through the neglect of others, you may be entitled to compensation. Medical bills, loss of work, pain and suffering, and other related compensation may be in order for your troubles.


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