Being a witness to a car accident can be incredibly traumatic and confusing. In the moments after a car accident, individuals may be hurt, may need help, and the wrecked cars themselves can sometimes pose a danger to good Samaritans wishing to help. Yet, when witnesses act fast, lives can be saved.

People examining the exterior damage to their vehicles after a car crash

People examining the exterior damage to their vehicles after a car crash

Recently, the New York Times reported on a good Samaritan in Idaho who saved a boy’s life by holding his head in place for thirty minutes after an accident. The 4-year old boy was internally decapitated in the accident. The good Samaritan’s quick thinking to not move the child may have saved him. The forces the child sustained in the car crash separated the boy’s skull from his spine. A Nampa, Idaho officer saw the accident and stopped to help. The woman held the boy’s skull in place while help arrived.

The actions of witnesses helped save the boy’s life.

So, what can you do if you see someone in need after a car accident in Nampa or Boise, Idaho? According to doctors, witnesses should never move a victim, unless a car is on fire or the person is in danger of fire.

If you see an accident, first of all, always make sure to keep yourself safe. There have been many cases where individuals were struck and killed while walking on the side of the road trying to help accident victims. Walk off the roadway and watch out for traffic as you make your way to the injured victims. According to the Ann Arbor News, witnesses should always take a moment to collect themselves before acting. Witnessing a serious accident can be traumatic and your heart rate will likely increase as well as your adrenaline levels. You’ll want to make sure you’re thinking clearly before you take action. Your first step should be to call 911. The sooner medical professionals arrive, the sooner individuals hurt in the accident can get adequate help.

With 911 on the phone, you can assess the crash scene. In some cases, crash scenes are too hazardous to approach directly—for instance in cases where there are downed power lines near standing water, or cases where oil has spilled, or where there is a risk of fire. If it is safe to approach victims, make sure you only provide the aid you have been trained to render. Don’t move victims. Stay on the line with 911 and describe any injuries you see and follow the dispatcher’s instructions. Sometimes, all you can do is let victims know that help is on the way.

Finally, try to stay calm. Injured victims may be at risk of shock, which can be deadly. By staying calm, you make it more possible for victims to remain calm. Ask for their name, age, and keep them focused on things other than their injuries.

If you or a loved one has been hurt in a car accident in Nampa or Boise, Idaho you may face a long recovery time, missed time at work, and medical expenses. The Law Office of Johnson & Lundgreen are personal injury attorneys who may be able to help you get the recovery and justice you deserve.


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