When you take your written driving test in Boise or Nampa, Idaho, you can expect to have to prove your knowledge about traffic laws, signage, and right of way laws. While Idaho’s driving test sometimes included questions about bicycles, in the randomly generated test, not all drivers would be required to demonstrate their knowledge about car laws and bike laws. Some drivers could receive their license without having to prove that they knew that bikes were subject to the same laws that cars are subject to when sharing the road. But now, thanks to changes in the law, the Idaho Statesman reports that drivers can expect to encounter at least one question on their driving test about Idaho’s driving laws and bicycles.

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This is good news for bikers and drivers. Every year, car and bicycle accidents lead to tragic injuries and deaths. The change to Idaho’s driving test comes in the wake of a car accident where a 5 year old boy on a bike was hit by a car and dragged. The tragedy began a discussion in the community about how to make the road safer for bikers.

The changes to the written driving test offer an important reminder to drivers that they are responsible for their actions behind the wheel, especially when bicyclists are involved. Bikers are vulnerable road users because they don’t have the same protective chassis of a car and are more likely to suffer more serious life-threatening and life-altering injuries if hit. If you’ve been in an accident while biking, a personal injury lawyer in Boise or Nampa, Idaho may be able to help you recover money for your medical expenses, lost wages, or pain and suffering. The new traffic test will likely raise biker’s awareness about their rights and responsibilities when sharing the road with drivers.

Bicycling and other bike advocates celebrated Idaho’s Department of Transportation’s changes. If drivers want to pass their driving test, they’ll have to seriously study laws regarding cars and bikes.

Do you know all the laws? Here are just a few questions aspiring drivers will need to know:

  1. How much passing space should you give a bike when passing?
  2. When making a right turn, how far should you remain behind a bike, before making your turn?
  3. Do bikers need to stop at red lights and stop signs in Idaho?

Do you know the answers? When passing a bike, you should always make sure there is at least three feet of space between your car and the biker. When making a right turn, you should remain 5-7 feet behind a biker and only turn when the cyclist is 5 to 7 feet ahead of you. Finally, in Idaho, bikers do not need to stop at a red light or stop sign. However, if there is traffic and the traffic has the right of way, the biker is required to stop.

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