BOISE and NAMPA, Idaho. With summer winding down, now is the time to get in your summer road trip before the roads ice up. Yet, motorcycle adventures carry unique risks. If you’re planning on hitting the road, consider these safety tips.


  1. Perform a pre-ride inspection if you plan on going on a long road trip. According to Rider Magazine, in the old days, most riders would check their bikes every time they went on a ride. Thanks to advanced bike technology, bikes don’t need the same degree of regular scrutiny. That said, if you plan on going for a longer ride, you should always check your tire pressure. According to Rider Magazine, even if you have electronic pressure monitoring sensors, the sensors won’t warn you about tire pressure until the tire pressure has already reached dangerously low levels. If you plan on going on a longer road trip, you may also be carrying heavier loads, making having the right tire pressure all the more critical.
  2. Keep an eye out for gravel, especially on unfamiliar roads. Gravel on a curve can compromise your traction. While riding around home, you tend to be familiar with the hazards. However, when riding further afield, it may be a good idea to ride more slowly and closely monitor the road conditions.
  3. Watch out for two-lane roads, especially if you’re traveling in a pack. Two lane roads pose unique hazards to bikers, especially if you’re traveling in a group of bikers. It can be easy to get complacent in a group, but remember that you might be moving more slowly than the flow of traffic. Cars may try to pass you during passing zones, but may not factor that passing a group of bikers can end up taking extra time. Passing zones may likewise be designed to accommodate one car, not a group of riders. In this case, a car might try to weave its way back into your group, and even try to get back into the lane between riders to avoid a head-on collision. The situation can quickly become dangerous.
  4. Don’t drink and drive. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, alcohol affects your balance and coordination, putting you more at risk of an accident. Of course, when you’re riding your motorcycle, you are also more at risk of encountering other drivers who have been drinking and driving. If you or a loved one was hurt in a drunk driving accident, the Law Office of Johnson & Lundgreen are Boise and Nampa, Idaho personal injury attorneys who may be able to help you get a recovery for your injuries. Motorcyclists are often safe riders who understand what’s at risk. Other drivers also need to be held accountable for their actions behind the wheel.

Riding can be a great way to celebrate the end of the summer. But, as weather changes, it’s always a good idea to check the weather report before you head out. Roads can become slick or icy as summer becomes autumn. The Law Office of Johnson & Lundgreen are personal injury attorneys who wish riders a happy end of summer and great adventures as the motorcycle riding season comes to a close.