Idaho is a recreational state year ‘round. Now that summer is in full effect, it’s common to see cars towing boats and RVs helping people enjoy the outdoors.



However, if drivers aren’t careful, trailers can cause serious car wrecks. These accidents generally follow the same pattern: If the driver changes lanes too quickly or is speeding, they may experience trailer sway, which is also known as “fishtailing.” When this occurs, the trailer may begin to swing violently from side to side before forcing the car to turn at high speeds.

Single-axle trailers are more prone to sway, as are trailers that have uneven tires. There is some evidence that improperly balancing the trailer’s load can also lead to sway. In any case, it is a common cause of accidents in Meridian, and KMTV News reports that an Idaho driver caused a wreck due to a fishtailing trailer.

Early in the afternoon, Joshua Nichols lost control of his pickup truck after his small trailer began to sway. He crossed into oncoming traffic and struck a Lexus. The crash caused his vehicle to roll and the Lexus to crash into a guardrail.

The Car Crash Led to Several Serious Injuries and One Death

Police say one of Nichols’ passengers died at the scene of the car crash. Nichols and four children, who were also in the truck, suffered serious injuries that required hospitalization.

The driver of the Lexus also required emergency medical attention, as did her three passengers. Depending on the cause of the trailer sway, those injured in the Lexus could have a strong injury case against Nichols for driving negligently.

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Police Say Citing Texting Drivers Isn’t Making a Difference

Fishtailing trailers aren’t the only problems on Idaho roads. KBOI News reports that Meridian police officers issue approximately 200 texting citations every year, but that hasn’t changed the number of distracted drivers.

The city had a texting ban in place before the state ban went into effect, but the latest statistics aren’t encouraging. Officers say that part of the problem is the people they cite don’t believe they were doing anything wrong. Police say the average driver generally says they were only reading texts and don’t understand how that could be distracting.

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