For the owners of larger vehicles, the deadliest risk while driving is a crash that causes a rollover. People die at much higher rates in rollover accidents than do people who are involved in other types of crashes.

In fact, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, more than 10,000 people die in rollovers each year, and many more suffer injuries in the 280,000 rollovers that occur.

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Although some of these accidents happen on slopes during basic collisions, most occur on highways due to the high rate of speed. This is exactly what happened last week in Meridian.

KBOI News reports that 21-year-old Raelee Asson was driving on the interstate when he began moving into another lane. Looking back, he realized that the lane was already occupied, so he swerved back into his own lane but overcorrected and struck another vehicle.

Asson’s vehicle crashed into the median, and the other driver, Allen Centers, lost control of his SUV, which rolled onto its top. Fortunately, both drivers and Center’s passenger were wearing seatbelts.

Even so, paramedics took Centers and his passenger to the hospital. It took emergency personnel nearly 90 minutes to clear the wreckage.

Police Cite Drivers After 44-Vehicle Car Accident

You may remember reading about a car accident that happened earlier this year on the interstate. The accident made national news because it involved a total of 44 vehicles.

At the time, police were having difficulty determining which driver caused the initial crash that led to the chain reaction.

The Idaho Statesmarecently provided an update on the story, reporting that police cited a log-truck driver for driving too fast for the conditions. They determined that the driver sparked the pileup when he sideswiped a tractor trailer that he hadn’t seen because of heavy fog.

The driver, Cory Ford, also rearended a Subaru and dragged it 180 feet before stopping. Rescue crews needed more than an hour to remove the Subaru driver from the car.

Since January, when the crash occurred, police have issued citations to three other drivers for negligent driving.

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Police Charge School Bus Driver After Fatal Crash

The Idaho Statesman provided an update for another accident. In December of last year, a school bus driver was involved in a serious car accident with a dump truck, killing an 11-year-old student.

Police investigators determined that the driver of the bus, Debra Boatwright, did not have the right of way when she pulled in front of the dump truck from a stop sign. They charged her with vehicular manslaughter.

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