We all know that car accidents are expensive, and yet, many accident victims miss out on compensation because they don’t know the real cost of their damages.

For example, what if you’re in a car accident and you file a claim for your hospital bills but don’t consider claiming compensation for future physical therapy expenses that your injuries will require? You walked away with less compensation than you were entitled to.

At Johnson and Lundgreen, we are here to help you achieve justice for every aspect of your car accident damages. And getting justice starts with knowing what you’re entitled to.

In this article, we’ll explore the past, present, and future costs that accident victims face, as well as some often-overlooked expenses. In addition to monetary expenses, we’ll discuss how you can claim compensation for non-monetary damages that result from a car accident.

Important Facts to Remember About the Cost of Car Accidents

  1. Even if you have no physical injuries, you might still have medical expenses. It’s always recommended to go to the doctor after even minor car accidents. This “better safe than sorry” approach isn’t just paranoia. Many serious injuries common in car accidents take days or even weeks to become noticeable. A comprehensive medical exam can help you catch any injuries that may be present but not obvious, and therefore help prevent those injuries from worsening. These medical exams can be very expensive! In fact, the National Safety Council estimates that a car accident that results in no physical injuries can cost an average of $11,900 per person involved. Do you want to pay that? If someone else’s negligence caused you to have to take the precaution of a medical exam, then you might be able to claim compensation for your trouble!
  2. You will almost certainly have property damage costs. Even if you have zero medical expenses, the National Safety Council says that the average car accident that results in only property damage (no persons injured) costs around $4,400 per vehicle.
  3. Physical injuries cost more than just hospital bills. If you’re injured, you might miss work, forfeit income opportunities, or have to make other adjustments in your life that cost you money. For example, you might have to hire someone to clean your house or mow your lawn because your injuries prevent you from doing it yourself.
  4. Your injury costs aren’t limited to physical damage. According to a study from the National Institute of Mental Health, 39.2% of survivors of motor vehicle accidents develop Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Treatments for emotional issues such as PTSD are not only very important for your wellbeing and your quality of life, but they can also be quite expensive. If someone else’s negligence caused you to suffer from a repercussion such as PTSD, you deserve to claim compensation.
  5. Many car accident damages don’t have a price tag. In legal terms, “damages” refers to anything you can claim compensation for in a personal injury case. And many damages are what legal professionals call “non-monetary.” This means that their value is arbitrary. Non-monetary damages are also often referred to as “pain and suffering,” “loss of enjoyment of life,” or as is common in the case of a wrongful death – “loss of companionship” or “loss of affection.”

For example, if you realize that you will need medical care for a broken arm or therapy for PTSD, you can consult with a professional to get a cost estimate for those treatments. Once your injuries stabilize, a doctor can give you an estimate for injury-related costs in the future. These costs have a dollar amount tied to them, and so they are called “monetary costs.” However, what about the damage that comes if you are permanently scarred because of an accident? What about the heartbreak that comes if you lose a loved one in an accident? What about the loss of enjoyment of life that occurs if you are stuck at home (or in and out of hospitals) for a year recovering from your injuries? What if your aspirations to pursue your dream career are ruined because of the permanent physical effects of the accident? What if you miss your child’s wedding because your injuries prevent you from traveling? These damages are much harder to calculate, but they certainly affect your life on a deep level. But because of their intangibility, non-monetary damages are often overlooked or underestimated.

Get Compensation for ALL Your Damages

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