Bicycling is an inherently dangerous activity in our society. Just like drivers, cyclists face many hazards on the road, including distracted, reckless and impaired drivers. Unlike motorists, cyclists don’t have airbags and seatbelts.


In 2012, 399 cyclists were involved in car accidents according to the Idaho Department of Transportation. Of those, 257 suffered injuries during the accident. Recently, an injured cyclist spoke out about his accident, reminding us how dangerous car accidents can be.

KTVB News reports that Joshua Barton is an avid bike rider and has raced in international competitions. Barton chooses to commute to work on his bike, riding 26 miles per day. This prompts him to leave the house early in order to get to work on time.

Last month, Barton was riding through an intersection at approximately 7:20 a.m. when a driver failed to yield the right of way and attempted to make a right turn. The driver struck Barton, who tumbled over the car, landing on his back. The driver of the car never stopped to see if Barton was okay.

Amazingly, he got up and attempted to continue his ride. Fortunately, Barton is a doctor and recognized the warning signs of a more severe injury. After riding for only a few minutes, he realized that he was more injured than he initially assumed and went to the emergency room.

Car Accidents Involving Cyclists Often Lead to Serious Injuries

When Barton rolled over the car, he fractured two of the vertebrae in his neck. One of the fractures forced a bone fragment to push against a nerve, causing serious pain and intermittent numbness.

Police credit his helmet with saving his life. He now faces surgery and a six-week recovery period. He says that he no longer plans to ride his bike to work, because he no longer feels safe on the roads.

Police are still looking for the driver who struck Barton. Hit-and-run accidents that cause injuries can have serious repercussions, and the driver would almost certainly face criminal charges.

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City Ends Buffered Bike-Lane Program

The Ada County Highway District commission began the new bike lane program only 30 days ago to test whether or not the roads would be safer for cyclists. KTVB News reports that the ACHD recently voted to scrap the project, stating that there were no clear benefits to the program.

The department plans to address the bike-safety issue later this year. Predictably, losing a downtown lane upset motorists, whereas bikers generally supported the program.

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