Stories about accidents that cause personal injuries serve a very important purpose: They provide a warning to others, showing the dangers of negligent behavior. Raising awareness to negligent business practices also holds the potential to force businesses to change those practices, saving future customers from suffering similar injuries.

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Police Wrap Up Investigation Into 44-Car Accident

Recently, there was a multi-car accident that occurred on Interstate 84 that likely was caused by fog. The Idaho Statesman reports that there was more to that story. Police investigators concluded that the driver of the log truck, Cory Ford, was driving recklessly based on the conditions. Specifically, he failed to slow down when the fog rolled in and the visibility became low on the interstate.

At least seven other drivers have been cited following the accident for violations ranging from speeding to following too closely. These citations may suggest that personal-injury lawsuits are on the horizon from the 10 people who were injured in the pileup.

Idaho Plasma Donation Clinic Sued Over False Lab Report

According to the Seattle Times, Melissa Bloom successfully donated plasma through BioLife Plasma Services for about six months. Patients can donate about once per month, so Bloom likely donated six times before a mistake caused her to stop donating.

Last April, the clinic informed Bloom that she was no longer eligible to donate plasma because their tests revealed that she had HIV and hepatitis. Furthermore, they told her that they put her name on a list of ineligible donors that was available to clinics nationwide.

Bloom was shocked. Her first round of tests, six months earlier, came back clean. She said that she became concerned about her grandson after he fell and received an open leg wound—could she help him without communicating the disease? She was also humiliated when she told her fiancé that she had HIV.

Fortunately, a second test at her physician’s office showed that the BioLife results were false. An investigation revealed that BioLife combined her blood with that of other donors before testing it, which led to the mistake. As compensation for the emotional distress that their negligence cost her, Bloom filed a lawsuit for more than $10,000 against the clinic.

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